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Another Wednesday has come around!

We are here to bring you a little sunshine on this gloomy day!

We proudly introduce, Ms. Anna Cichelero!

NAME: Anna

AKA: I don't think I have one. If anyone has anything, let me know!!

Age: 19

How long have you worked at CCRC?: This is my fourth summer!

Favorite Thing to Eat at CCRC: Nothing will ever beat the chicken quesadilla in my eyes.

Best Part of Working at CCRC: The people! I love getting to know some of the members and seeing their kids grow up from year to year. I also love my co-workers!

Worst Part of Working at CCRC: The fact that CCRC switched from Coke to Pepsi products (Diet Coke is sooo much better).

Do you play tennis? Do you or did you play any other sports?: My tennis career ended the same summer it started. I did one clinic at CCRC when I was about 10 and took a few lessons from Cindy. I'm not exactly sure why I stopped, I think I was just too busy with other sports, but working at CCRC does make me want to start playing again. I've played lots of sports throughout my life. Growing up I was a competitive gymnast which occupied most of my time. One of the more consistent sports throughout my life was swimming; I swam at CCRC from age 9-18. In high school I played field hockey and lacrosse for Viz and played club field hockey for Aim. I still play field hockey every once and a while for my college's club team.

Are you still in school? What are you studying?: I went to Visitation Academy for high school and am now a rising sophomore at Loyola University Chicago where I'm studying accounting and finance with a minor in Spanish.

Most amount of racquets you've strung in a day? Funny that you think I know how to string racquets! My knowledge surrounding most things related to tennis is extremely limited. I can, however, book you a court!

Most amount of tickets you've entered after a shift: No clue! The summers of tickets seem like so long ago, but boy do I miss those tickets! (The tablets and I don't always get along too well!)

What is it like to work for a family business?: I love it! There's such a nice bond between the employees, and everyone is so welcoming and understanding.

Weirdest thing that has ever happened to you working here (or been asked to you on the phone): I feel like most people have some crazy story of something that's happened at CCRC but I honestly don't think I do. I have heard some interesting drama from some of the younger swim team kids recently, but I would be breaking a pinky promise if I shared more, so I'll have to leave it at that.

Favorite Member to see walk thru the doors: Such a hard question! I could take the easy route and say, seeing my lovely mother come into CCRC makes me the happiest. But seriously, seeing Patricia Madden always brightens my day! I also love seeing the Shaffer/Brunel clan and the Bauer family! And of course I love seeing my neighbors at CCRC (the Rothert and Mathis families)! Honestly, seeing any family with young kids walk into the pool always makes me smile!

Tennis Pro or any employee you most admire: I admire Cindy for how positive and upbeat she always is.

What is something that you want members to know about you that they don't? That seeing their smiling faces and cute kids at the pool genuinely brightens my day.

Which would you rather win: Stanley Cup, World Series, World Cup, Ryder Cup, Superbowl, NBA Championship,PGA Tour event, Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, Australian Open, etc: I would have to say the Stanley Cup because hockey is the closest one to my sport (field hockey) as well as the only sport that I really ever watch.

What song would you want played when you walk out onto the court or field?: Power by Kanye

What racquet do you play with? The old dusty one hanging in my garage.

What is your happiest memory at CCRC?: That's a hard one. As much as I love working here, it would have to be from my summers spent at CCRC when I was younger. After swim team practice, my brother and I used to order cookies and ice cream under one of our parents' names, thinking we completely pulled one over on both our parents and the workers. Now as a worker, I know we fooled no one. I also remember playing in the lockers with my friends when I was younger and then being yelled at to get out of the locker room. (I would like to apologize to the workers from back then.)

Note from Dani -

Anna is grace under pressure, always composed always with a smile to greet you or comfort you. Anna is a quiet blessing and we're so thankful she's a part of our CCRC family. She has shown time and time again she is not afraid to tackle any task you give her and she is always willing to led a helping hand!

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