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Indoor & Outdoor Tennis & Pickle COURT CANCELLATION INFORMATION:


  • If you cancel your court reservation (regardless of what type) at least 48 hours in advance, you will not get charged, even if the court does not sell. 


  • If you cancel your court WITHIN 48 hours and the court does not sell, then you will be charged your portion of the court fee.


What if I reserved a tennis or pickle court inside, but I want to play outside now?

When you arrive at CCRC for your indoor court reservation and an outdoor court is available, you may walk on and play on the outdoor court. You will be charged only for the indoor court fee. 


For example: If four full club members reserve an indoor pickle court for one hour and upon arrival decide that they would like to play outside if an outdoor court is available, they may walk on that court. They will still be charged their original indoor court fees. 


*However, in the meantime, if the outdoor court is reserved by another member, you may be asked to return to your indoor court. 


What if I reserve a court outside and it rains?

You will not be charged for outdoor court time due to the weather. Your account will be credited.


What if I reserved a court outside, it started raining and we came inside to play?

You will be charged for the time you played outside and then for the time played on the indoor courts. 

Indoor Court Hours
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