Session 1: September 7 – October 30

No programs 9/6

8 week session

Monday 7 week session

Session 2: November 1 – December 23

No programs 11/25 & 11/26

Mon. – Wed. 8 week session

Thurs. & Sat. 7 week session

Fri. 6 week session

No Programs December 24 – January 1

Session 3: January 3 – March 12

10 week session

Session 4: March 14 – May 19

No programs 3/20 – 3/26

Mon. – Thur. 9 week session

Fri. and Sat. 8 week session

Participants must be registered 24 hours in advance, day of walk-ins cannot be accommodated.
Unfortunatly, make up classes cannot be offered.


Red Ball:

Ages 4 - 8

The class will build eye-hand coordination while learning general stroke production. We will use games and activities to introduce players to tennis concepts. Played on a smaller court with a lower net and less pressurized balls to create a successful environment.

Pro to Contact: Toni McDonald


Orange Ball 1:

Ages 8 - 10

For kids 8 or older new to tennis or kids able to rally with red balls. Uses a bigger court than red. The class will continue to develop stroke production and movement. Will introduce proper grips and live ball scenarios.

Pro to Contact: Toni McDonald


Orange Ball 2:

Ages 8 -11

For kids that can serve, rally, and are ready for competition. The class will emphasize grips, racket preparation, and consistency with the main concentration on-point production and strategy.

Pro to Contact: Toni McDonald


Green Ball 1:

Ages 10 -12

Played on the full court. Classes will build on stoke production and racket preparation, emphasizing movement and hitting in the strike zone to help with consistency.

Pro to Contact: Toni McDonald


Green Ball 2:

Ages 10-13

For kids who have competed in match play or are ready for competition. Still working on racket preparation, movement, and consistency with the emphasis on strategy and point production.

Pro to Contact: Toni McDonald


Yellow Ball:

Ages 13+

For kids 13+ that are still learning the ability to rally consistently. This class teaches the knowledge of grips and how to directionally hit the ball.

Team Training:

Ages 8-16

For kids that have the ability to rally consistently, have knowledge of grips for every stroke, and are beginning to put together strategies for match play.

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