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Jerome's Smile

On Friday morning, December 15, Jerome was found at home suffering from a life-threatening stroke. Jerome was taken to SLU Hospital where he remained in the ICU. 

On Friday morning, March 1, we are happy to announce that Jerome has been moved to a Skilled Nursing Facility, where he's to receive therapy 6 days a week. In the last few weeks at the center, his condition has made improvements to the point of being able to sit in a wheelchair, with both speech and memory returning slowly. We believe the next month will be tough on Jerome as he tries to regain his strength, mobility, and hopefully some independence.

To the man with the biggest heart, and who is always there to greet you with a big HELLO. The man behind the scenes that never expects anything in return. The hardest worker CCRC has. We have been Jerome's work family for more than 30 years and hope we can help him and his family. If you know Jerome, you know his smile. Jerome lives with his sister in a very modest home in St. Louis City and has taken care of his family for many years.

Our mission is to bring that smile back.

Please help us share Jerome’s smile by helping us raise money for him and his family.


You can donate through the link below:

Jerome's Smile 

Thank You for your contribution to help bring Jerome's smile back!

Thank You for Donating!

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