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Non-Members (visiting or home teams):
OPTION 1: Players register and pay for themselves at least 30 minutes before match start time. This is to limit the number of people grouped around the pro shop desk. Gathering in the lounge is requested. Please do NOT block the stairs or the front door.

OPTION 2: Captains register and pay for their teams. You do not have to list your scheduled players if you don’t want to
, but it MUST be emailed to at least 5 minutes before match start time. 

Thank you for pre-registering for your scheduled event. This is the most effective way to ensure all players are ready to take the court promptly. All registration is completely confidential.
Cheers to a fun match!  

If you would like to talk to the owners of CCRC about our policy, please email and we will reach out to you.
The Apted Family


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