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Name: Austin Sides

AKA (Nickname): Troy calls me sweetie... does that count?

Age: 28

How long have you worked at CCRC? 4 months. I am the new Tennis Pro!

Favorite Thing to Eat at CCRC: The chocolate chip cookies are phenomenal.

Best Part of Working at CCRC: The family aspect of the club is really special to me. This is the first time I have been in this type of work environment, and I really enjoy it.

Worst Part of Working at CCRC: There are not enough weights in the training center for me ;)

Do you play tennis? For how long? Did you play at CCRC? (Brag about yourself here) Do you or did you play any other sports? (Continue to brag here):

I played soccer, tennis, basketball, football, baseball, and rugby growing up. I did not start playing tennis until I was 15, and I only played competitively for 5 years through highschool and college. However, in all the sports I played, I was the team captain. Those experiences have really helped me develop the leadership roles that have led to my role in life right now.

Are you still in school? What are you studying? (More bragging):

NO! BUT, I have two degrees, one in business administration and sports management, I went to Fontbonne University and graduated in 2017.

Most amount of racquets you've strung in a day? I don't really string rackets but if I did, I would say probably 2. I actually pay other people to string my rackets, (@ nat, katie, and cait)

What is it like to work for a family business? It's fantastic! I love how involved they are in the club. They are always available and always around from sunup to sun down. I appreciate how professional, but still warm and welcome they are.

Weirdest thing that has ever happened to you working here (or been asked to you on the phone): I had a lady show up to cardio and then after the clinic went up to the proshop and said she did not want to be charged due to the class being full, even though she was the one that made the clinic full.

Favorite Member to see walk thru the doors: Both the Tsai and Wang family are always so much fun to work with and see! I would give a shoutout to all my cardio regulars who have made the class possible this summer season! Can't wait to tackle the indoor season with you all!

Tennis Pro or employee you most admire: Katie and Caitlin are the best! Since day one they have been very welcoming and helpful with anything and everything. I have to give a special shoutout to Jess as well, she was my first real friend here, and has been such a great person to bounce ideas off of.

What is something that you want members to know about you that they don't? I have a dog named Sir Maximus Sides who is a shitzu maltese mix who just turned 12. I love Manchester City FC (the soccer team). I would love to compete in Spartan Races one day - I haven't been able to, due to injuries and work, but maybe one day!

Which would you rather win: Stanley Cup, World Series, World Cup, Rider Cup, Superbowl, NBA Championship,PGA Tour event, etc, Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, Australian Open: I think the World Cup would be amazing. The parade coming back to the States would be awesome and being able to represent this country and their first ever World Cup would be an unimaginable feeling.

What song would you want played when you walk out onto the court or field?

Handsomer by Russ

What racquet do you play with? Yonex V Core Pro 100. Yonex is a great brand and I hope one day to have them sponsor Creve Coeur Racquet Club.

What is your happiest memory at CCRC? The day Dan offered me a job!

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