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Swim & Dive Team Registration will be available April 1, 2020.



Swim Practices run Tuesday, May 26 through Friday, July 10.

Swim Team Fee: $95 for the first child and then $65 for each additional child.

Dive Team Fee: $30 for the first child and then $15 for each additional child.


1.  Please come to me with any questions or concerns.  With 100+ swimmers, the middle of a practice or swim meet is not the best time; contacting me via email ( is the quickest and easiest method.


2.  Please keep in mind the requirement that each child be able to swim without assistance.  And no, it doesn’t matter what it looks like (that’s what practice is for ☺), they just need to swim without touching anything.  For those who aren’t yet comfortable swimming alone, swim lessons are taught by many of the lifeguards.


3.  Parents are welcome, but not required, to stay for practice. Swimmers should remain with the team if you choose to observe.


4.  Anticipate some chaos the first few days. I will be assessing the swimmers and trying to get the kids in the right practices and lanes.  Emotions will run high for many the first week;  excitement for some as they see friends for the first time since last year, nervousness for some of our new swimmers or those moving up to a more advanced practice. Once all that gets sorted, we will quickly settle into our routine, I promise.  


5.  I cannot stress enough the importance of daily practice attendance.  Vacations and camps are a part of summer for many, but must be balanced with regular practice to progress in the water, particularly in such a short season.  Remember that your child is a part of a team, and as such a reasonable effort should be made to honor that commitment.


6.  I recommend that each child bring their own towel to practice.  The mornings can be chilly or breezy, and there are occasions when the club towels, which are on the smaller side, have not been delivered by the start of practice.


7.  All girls should wear a cap at the meets.  In addition, long hair should be pulled back (ponytail or cap) for practices.


8.  In consideration of the time it takes to put a line up together, and the limited number of slots available for each event, please let me know by the Friday before a meet if your child is not able to participate.  I can only be responsible for notifications by email or delivered to me in writing.  Failure to follow this procedure can result in your child being ineligible for the next meet.

9.  Meet line ups are posted at meets, and are not available beforehand.  This is primarily due to the last minute collaboration I have with the opposing team’s coach to try and streamline the events as much as possible.  Every child who is available will swim in every meet.  Please be mindful that I am restricted to certain numbers for each event, and that I will not swim any child in an event that they cannot complete legally.  That being said, I make every effort to swim each child in the maximum number of events.


10.  All swimmers should stay in the bullpen until their last event is completed, and should remain in the bullpen between their events.  Please remind your children to pick up after themselves.


I’m looking forward to a fun, successful summer swim season with your children.  I strive to offer a program that mixes both fun and work, and am always proud and delighted with the progress the kids make throughout the season.  In addition, I so enjoy getting to know all of them.  I hope the experience is as rewarding for your kids as it is for me!

~ Coach Ann