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Week 1 Learning Curve

Happy Week 2* Members!

I think for the most part we all CRUSHED Week 1!

Yes, there were some hiccups but for the most part, I think we all did pretty well considering we're in a pandemic!

I want to really thank you all for your patience with the check-in process. I know it is tiresome to check into your courts, but it ensures that if God forbid, something were to happen, we can correctly notify everyone ASAP.

I also want to thank you for sticking with the pool registration process. It is something new to all of us and as I was the one to set it up, I know there were some issues! Since it is only fair that I've asked you to be gentle with me in regards to technology, I want to return the favor!

First Week Forgiveness: If you had a late cancellation or a no-show fee last week, YOU ARE FORGIVEN! We are going through all the registrations and crediting the fees. It might take a little time, but we're on it!

The Pro Shop will also send Pool Registration Reminder emails the night before your registration.

If you get that email and you

a) don't remember signing up for that day

b) can't /don't want to come

c) made other plans

Just email the Pro Shop who you want unregistered and we will do it for you! We won't charge a late cancel fee! We just want to open the spots to other members.

Also - if it RAINS or is, in general, a yucky day and you are registered for the pool- DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! We will not mark anyone as a "no-show" on these days. We get it! If you want to email the Pro Shop to tell us you won't be coming, that is a bonus in case some other members dig cloudy weather and want to come up to the Pool. But again, on rainy days you don't HAVE to contact us. We get it, you've got to find something else for the family to do on a rainy day and emailing us shouldn't be on your to-do list!

Last thing- it's about balls. Tennis balls.

After you use the complimentary can of balls provided for you, can you please return them to the Pro Shop? We sanitize them and then add them to our Pro's ball carts. I think so far we've had about 19 balls returned and we've given 39 cans. (Those 115 balls would go a LONG way in the ball carts. Just ask any Pro!) So thank you in advance for turning the balls back in.

That's it, folks! Happy Week 2 and we are so happy to see you on the courts and poolside. It finally feels like summer at CCRC!



*Actually Week 2 + 1 day, I meant to send this yesterday :)

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