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Tomorrow Is A Big Day

I feel like we've been waiting for this day for months. Oh wait, we have.

We've spent countless hours planning, replanning, replanning again and again how we can open safely. Every day we are given new parameters on how we can operate. Actually, we're not given anything, we have to search and find details on various government websites.

Tomorrow, June 15th we are allowed to open our indoor pickleball and tennis courts and our pool. We are allowed to provide dining areas on the patio and pool patio. But in doing that we have to be CRAZY CAREFUL about how we do it.

We have a two-step check-in.

YES, it will be a little time-consuming.

YES, it is kind of a pain.

YES, you will need to check-in to your court and you've never had to do that before.

YES, you will need to make sure all the names are on your court reservations.

YES, it will feel a little "big-brotherly" because we need to know exactly who is where so if god forbid something happens, we can make sure everyone is safe.

YES, we're asking you to order your food and drinks online so that we can provide touchless service. And there might be hiccups because technology is sometimes spiteful.

YES, you might have to sign a waiver ONE MORE TIME because the first waiver I sent out didn't encompass your entire membership.

So I ask you, when you're in your car annoyed that you're getting asked the same health questions you were the day before, or getting your temp checked, or signing that damn waiver one more time, or waiting at the pro shop desk to make sure your name is on the court sheet,

PLEASE think to yourself : YES, CCRC IS OPEN.

We're doing all of these things so that we can stay OPEN.

My family is doing all these things so that we can stay open for your family.

Please give yourself a little extra time before your lesson, your clinic or your practice.

Please give us the benefit of the doubt because our strengths are tennis and hospitality, not waivers and forms.

On behalf of myself, Deb & Dan, our Pros and the rest of our staff, thank you for supporting CCRC. We can't wait to (safely) see you soon.



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