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Remembering Larry Miller

Larry was a friend to tennis. That's the best way I can say it. He would step in any game if needed, he would lend a racquet and he would come in early to teach a lesson before school. In fact, that is my Larry Miller story.

My freshman year of high school I played 2 fall sports. It worked because I would practice volleyball after school and Larry would hit with me EVERY MORNING from 5:30-7am. He taught me how to set up points, how to be a good partner and even at 5:30 in the morning- he taught me to love tennis.

If you have a Larry Miller story, please share it here or email to me, so that we can share it with the Miller family.

Two of my very favorite people are in heaven now. I hope they've already finished their first friendly game and are kicking back with a cocktail and catching up.

- Dani

Steve Apted & Larry Miller

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