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Pickleball Update at CCRC

Thank you for growing pickleball at CCRC. We appreciate your patience with the “growing pains” of a new game at CCRC, especially during a pandemic! We want everyone to play as much as possible but in a healthy and safe way.

Many of you have offered your input on how I should run CCRC and how “real” pickleball works.

All I can say is that I hear you and understand that pickleball is different at CCRC than at other parks or schools.

At CCRC there are rules that are more strict and different from the guidelines at other facilities. My family has owned and operated CCRC since 1968 and every decision we make is to make sure all our members and their families have a safe place to play. Thank you for abiding by these rules and your help to keep everyone accountable.

If we feel that pickleball play continues to be safe for everyone, we hope to make more courts available for play moving forward. - Dan Apted


“We’re a Club, not a park!”

Also, “This is pandemic, these rules are to keep you and your families safe and CCRC open!”

CCRC Open Play, Free Play and Reserved Court times are limited to 4 players per court.

  • Due to the pandemic and to keep everyone safe and healthy, we CANNOT have a 5th or 6th player per pickleball court waiting to play.

  • Permanent Reservations may include more than 4 players, but ONLY 4 can play at one time.

Court reservations are always required. Please reserve your Open/Free play, reserved or lesson court time in advance.

  • Please use the CCRC app or go online to to reserve or register for play. If you have difficulty, please email the pro shop. We discourage stopping to talk to the pro shop staff as it crowds the lobby and it is already a high traffic area.

Please do not take your court before your scheduled court time.

  • This means do not walk onto your court until exactly your scheduled time. (Even if you are friends with the players on the court.) We are trying to limit the number of people on the court at one time. This is for your health and safety and so that we can stay open.

  • Please wait in the viewing area of the Gamers Building, not grouped together at the court entrance.

Please be OFF your court completely when your scheduled court time is over.

  • This means you might need to stop a few minutes early, but this keeps everyone SAFE. What is 5 minutes in the big scheme of things when you’re talking about everyone’s health!

Open Play or Free Play is for Members only.

  • Please do not try to register guests for these sessions.

Please do not bring in your own personal coolers or portable chairs.

  • There is plenty of seating in the safe areas of the club. Also, portable chairs damage the court surface.

All players, no matter what day of the week MUST check-in for their court, lesson, Open or Free Play at the pro shop desk.

  • This helps us contact trace and keeps all of our members and staff safe.

  • Please do not “let in” players thru the Gamer’s Building. This puts all of our members at risk and jeopardizes our ability to stay open.

Please keep divider nets clear of people and personal belongings.

  • Benches can be used for rest between games and any personal belongings.

Please don’t gather or sit in the training area unless you are registered to use that space.

Our apologies if you receive this email multiple times, we are sending to all members who have played pickleball at CCRC as well as pickleball & paddle members.

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