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Dear Members,

A lot is being said about the current spread of COVID-19, its symptoms and the illness it can cause.

I will leave the medical detail to the professionals but want to advise everyone of our efforts to have The Club available to you to work and play:

  • Approximately 2 weeks ago we started an increased supply of hand wipes throughout the club.

  • Our staff is using a multi quat sanitizer multiple times a day in the high traffic areas where our guests spend most of their time.

  • We started a protocol for wiping down all demo rackets when returned to the shop after every use .

  • Individual containers of body wash are available in mens and womens restrooms if desired.

  • The Clubhouse Tables are set with individual wipes on every table for your use.

  • We have switched all of our food service to single use plates, cups and flatware indefinitely.

  • All of our staff are being monitored very closely to maintain the utmost healthy environment.

This week we have cancelled all nonmember group events at the club until the end of our indoor season in the interest of keeping the club available to our members in a more controlled environment.

We ask that you help us monitor the use of the club and not bring guests to the club until further notice. If there is an urgent situation that requires a guest please register that individual guest by calling the club in advance for approval. We ask that you do your due diligence on the health of your guest to ensure the safety of everyone at CCRC.

We will continue to upgrade all of our efforts based on State, County and City Health Departments guidelines to assure our members they have a place to get a game on.

All we ask of our members is respect your family and our family. If you are sick or may be sick, have been in contact with anyone who might be sick, please don't come to The Club.

Dan Apted

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