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June 1st Planned Opening

Dear Members,

While many clubs are choosing to open May 18th, CCRC will follow the guidelines given by our Federal, State, and Local Governments which we hope will allow us to open as planned, Monday, June 1st. Phase I of opening will be a different CCRC than we are all used to and we hope you understand that these changes are to keep everyone safe and healthy. We ask that you work with us as we learn more every day about how we can safely operate CCRC.  Our planned June 1st Phase I Opening will include: Indoor Tennis Outdoor Tennis Indoor Pickleball Outdoor PIckleball Swimming & Diving Platform Tennis Carryout & Patio Dining Cardio & Training Areas

As with everything else in the world, there are many new protocols that we all must follow to keep our CCRC family safe. Tennis and Pickleball class sizes are limited to 4 students on the court at a time, Swim & Dive Practices will be conducted in small groups, pool access will be by reservation only and there is a No Guest policy until Phase II. If I were to detail out each of the safety precautions and protocols for tennis, pickleball, swimming, diving, dining, locker rooms, training center, and staff safety, this letter would be 18 pages long. The purpose of this letter is to let you know that your family's health and safety are our number one priority and while we plan to open, we also plan to keep you safe. Please check our website for detailed information under the PHASE I tab or select the below:

Phase I Dining We look forward to seeing you soon, Dan Apted & Family

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