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Indoor Permanent Court Time

We know that last year's Permanent Court Time and spring season was cut short. We are making our best effort to make up that time for Permanent Court Time holders and our members. The primary member on each CCRC account will receive a credit of $25 for food and beverages in September. We hope that this minimum $25,000 of credit to our membership base shows our appreciation of your support during these tough times.

COUNTDOWN TO INDOOR TENNIS SEASON The Indoor Tennis Season is 27 days away! Pool people, before you freak out, we plan to keep the pool open until at least Labor Day.  Now that the pool people are calmed down, let’s talk about the INDOOR TENNIS SEASON:

Friday, August 14, 2020 - Thursday, May 20, 2021 What is the INDOOR TENNIS SEASON you ask? Well, this year it is the 40 weeks that begin August 14 where members can purchase Indoor Permanent Court time. We also begin new Indoor Season schedules for Junior and Adult programs. Do court prices change when the Indoor Tennis Season Starts? On Tuesday, September 8th CCRC Indoor Season Court Rates will begin. Indoor Season Court Rates can be found here: . Until then, Summer Court Rates still apply. Why is this year different? Normally the Indoor Tennis Season is 36 weeks long. However, due to last springs forced closing for quarantine, when you renew your Permanent Court Time you are only charged the price for 32 weeks of this 40 week season. So that’s 40 weeks for the price of 32.  Also - until September 8th if there is an outdoor court available during your Indoor Permanent Court Time, you may book it thru the Pro Shop to play on at no additional cost to you. This means: You can: Check-in for your permanent court at the pro shop desk and pro shop will assign your outdoor court. You cannot: Reserve an outdoor court in advance online or in the pro shop to use in place of your indoor PCT. Why did I not receive a refund for the Permanent Court Time I didn’t get to use during quarantine?  We were not able and are still unable to give any refunds for those court times. As promised when we had to close in March, the primary member on your account will receive a $25 food & beverage credit on their account in September as a thank you for your support of CCRC.

What if I don’t want to start my game until September? You don’t have to. But regardless, your court time will begin on August 14th, so if you would like to put the court up for sale, it is your choice. We cannot guarantee that the court will be sold. Please email the days that you would like your court to be put up for sale and if sold, your account will be credited.  What if I don’t feel comfortable playing inside? What is CCRC doing to keep me safe?  Glad you asked. We’re doing as much as possible.

-All staff and members will be temperature checked upon arrival to CCRC. -Nets between the courts will continue to be drawn to prevent balls from going onto other courts. -All benches and multi-use areas will continue to be sanitized throughout the day. -Balls used for CCRC adult and junior programs will continue to be sanitized. What can I do to keep CCRC safe? That’s the spirit! One team, one dream! -Please regrip your racquets in the car or at home to avoid sitting on benches or congregating. -Please only bring in what you need to play, racquets, balls, personal towels, and personal water bottles. If you can leave the giant tennis bag in the car, please do so! -We ask that you arrive only a few minutes before your scheduled court time to keep the lobby and walkways behind the courts as clear as possible. -We ask that you leave your court 5 minutes before your reservation is scheduled to end so that you may exit before the next court arrives.

My family’s number one priority is to keep our members and staff healthy and safe. Our second priority is to keep CCRC open. We hope that you will join us in all of our efforts to do both! Dan Apted

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