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How to use your $25 Food & Beverage Voucher at CCRC.

  1. Go online to and order any item off the $25 Voucher Menu.

  2. Schedule a pick-up time 45 minutes after your order is placed.

  3. Give your voucher to your CCRC server.

  4. Enjoy your free delicious food or beverages!

All the fine print about your food & beverage credit!

(But in normal size print because small print is ridiculous.)

What if I didn’t get a voucher in the mail?

That’s so weird! The US Postal Service has a flawless record, right? No worries, just let us know in the “Special Requests” section when you order and we will mark your account down as having used the voucher.

The other reason you may not have received a voucher is if you joined after June 1st, 2020. These vouchers are a THANK YOU to the members that stuck with us thru our forced Covid Closing in the spring. 

What if I forget my voucher at home?

Public shaming. Kidding, we will mark your account as having used the voucher. This means the voucher you left at home cannot be used so you might as well recycle it. If someone else on your membership places and order and tries to use the voucher, your account will be charged regular prices for items ordered.

What if I don’t like any of the items on the $25 voucher menu?

I don’t understand the question. 😁You don’t like grilled cheeses? Or Margaritas? Honestly, if you truly don’t like any of the items we are offering, I’m sorry. Hopefully, you know someone who does and you can drop wine, margaritas or any of the delicious food items at their house and be a hero.

Why are you giving me a voucher instead of crediting my account $25?

Because we want it to be your choice to use the voucher. When we announced our plan to do this in March, many members reached out and said they didn’t want any kind of credit. So the choice is yours!

Can I give my voucher to another member or use in the pro shop?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: The vouchers can not be redeemed for cash, used in the pro shop, or traded amongst members like cigarettes in prison.

When can I use my voucher?

You can place your order anytime from now until December 1st.


$25 Voucher Menu items are ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP


WEEKENDS 12:15-6:15PM

A note from Dani-

I know that the postcard and voucher system are old school and not a perfect solution. We are not a fancy, tech-savvy company that has the capabilities to give you a gift card or promo code that would allow you to order off our menus. As the reluctant IT person at CCRC, I couldn’t figure it out so we went with this!

I hope that you know our family appreciates your membership and support of CCRC.



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