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HAPPY WEEK 3! Man, it sure is nice to be able to share GREAT NEWS with you! And we have some great news! On July 6 we can begin our PHASE III of reopening CCRC. Yay!

This means we can: Increase our pool registrations by 25% Open our Men’s & Women’s Locker Rooms Open more of our Indoor Courts up for reservations Provide tableside delivery of food and beverages Go back to the original recipe Cannonball Cocktail* Everyone has been amazing and patient with all of the CCRC staff while we continue to adjust to “the new normal.” The check-in staff barely has to chase cars down anymore!  While we go into Phase III, we ask that you continue to stay vigilant with the safety measures put in place for Phase I.  We have quite a young staff and I ask that you take the precautions around them as you would want to be taken around your own children. Please continue to wear a mask when entering the buildings, please try your best to social distance, to only touch your own balls and continue to wash your hands.  I also ask that if you have any issues with your statements, that you email directly to minimize the number of people in the pro shop area. We’ve also made some changes to our opening hours please see the below. And in our attempt to use even more technology, you can now register for time spots in the Cardio & Training Facility! It works just like a court time, you can reserve by 30-minute spots. It is complementary to all members and limited to only 6 people total in both areas. Register for these times on the member portal or on the app.  POOL: Monday - Friday 11:30am-8pm Saturday & Sunday 11:30am-6pm INDOOR TENNIS COURTS: Monday- Friday 7am-7:30pm Saturday & Sunday 7am-5:30pm INDOOR PICKLEBALL COURTS: Monday- Friday 8am-7:30pm Saturday 8am-5:30pm Closed Sunday ALL OUTDOOR TENNIS & PICKLEBALL COURTS: Monday - Friday 7am-8pm Saturday & Sunday 7am-6pm TRAINING CENTER & CARDIO: Monday- Friday 7am-7:30pm Saturday 7am-5pm Closed Sunday FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE Monday - Friday 11am - 8pm Saturday & Sunday 11am-6pm Thank you for being the best members and making us the best club in St. Louis. We’re so happy to be open and it is really starting to feel like summer! Cheers, Dani **The Cannonball has nothing to do with Phase III, we just got the Steigl Radler back in stock. If you are a Cannonball aficionado, you know how exciting this is!

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