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Effective Friday, March 20 all Adult Classes and Junior Programs will be discontinued until April 13th. We have done this to minimize large groups. HOWEVER- CCRC is offering a special $15 per hour court rate for walk-on 3 & A Pro Mini Clinics. We hope that you can all continue to play and receive instruction at CCRC but in a much smaller group. If your child was registered in a Session V program, your account will be credited. Pros will be in contact to help schedule a 3 & A Pro Mini Clinic to any interested parties. Adults, please reach out to your Pros if you would like to participate in a Mini Clinic and they will facilitate.  As always, please keep everyone's health and safety in mind. Wash your hands, bring your own water bottles and please, please don't come to CCRC if you have been, or might have been, exposed to anyone with COVID 19. We appreciate all your support and membership at this time. As a small, family owned business, it is not easy to stay open during these difficult times. We feel that we can provide members with a safe environment and that playing tennis and getting exercise is very important to everyone's mental health.

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