• Dani


Name: Caitlin Hamill

AKA (Nickname): Cait ; Little Hamill (well only Matt calls me that)

Age: 18

How long have you worked at CCRC?:

3 years!! I started in May of my freshman year at Viz, and am about to go to college!

Favorite Thing to Eat at CCRC:

My all-time favorite would be blackened chicken and asparagus, but the asparagus is no longer with us. Another favorite is the turkey club sandwich we had this winter. I think Kenny may have made me that sandwich with asparagus almost every night in the indoor season. (the asparagus is a common denominator here!! All of my ccrc friends make fun of me for ordering asparagus but it is SO GOOD!) This summer I’m really enjoying the barbecue chicken wrap with sweet potato fries.

Best Part of Working at CCRC:

CCRC family of course! All of the employees and members are so close and helpful. We tend to mess up a lot, and everyone (especially Cyndi and Dan) is always so willing to fix the situation and help one another out.

Worst Part of Working at CCRC:

CCRC covid-19 waivers… It took us a while to perfect this process, so I apologize if I’ve asked you to sign the same piece of paper three times in a row. We finally have it down (I hope)!

Do you play tennis? For how long? Did you play at CCRC? :

I played at CCRC with Cindy Cohan and in clinics when I was little… obviously, I wasn’t very good because it didn’t last too long. It would be nice if I had stuck with it though, because whenever a member asks me for their recommendation on a racquet or stringing, they all trust me much less when I tell them I don't play tennis. 

Do you or did you play any other sports? :

I played club and high school soccer and ran cross country when I was in high school. I’m thinking about playing club soccer at SLU, but I haven’t decided yet!

Are you still in school? What are you studying?

I just graduated from Visitation Academy this year and am going to be a freshman at SLU on the pre-med track!*

Most amount of racquets you've strung in a day?

Between 7-9. This was maybe the worst day ever though, because this was only three days after Trina had taught me how to string, and I had never done one alone yet. So of course, I was in the pro shop all alone and there was a kid’s tournament at night, so the parents were dropping off all of these racquets that had to be strung by a certain time. I was a bit nervous.