• Dani


Name: Courtney Kathryn Elizabeth Cohan

AKA : CoCo

Age: 22

How long have you worked at CCRC? Since the summer after 8th grade soooo 9 years :)

Favorite Thing to Eat at CCRC: T-RAVS. Truly Mr. Dan has PERFECTED this! Perfect breading, perfect sauce. Truly a staple of my childhood. Runners up include: Grilled Cheese but that’s about all that Arky Leonard eats so I figured he can explain the beautiful buttered bread and exquisite cheese to bread ratio CCRC has. And the second runner up is the Quesadilla but that’s too basic everyone knows that’s the best item.

Best Part of Working at CCRC: Truly the outfits and tennis skirts I have accumulated. Just kidding. The staff are wonderful but I have never had a family of bosses that 1. Always know what’s up 2. Always can fix my mistakes and 3. Always make time for their members and staff. Even if they are running to stop near catastrophe if a member comes up and wants to tell them about their kid or their latest meal the Apted’s listen and give value to everyone’s experience which is something I never want to take for granted.

Worst Part of Working at CCRC:

I could never lie and tell my mom I had to work at some crazy time because she calls and knows exactly when I work and where. Also, I have to—get to—- see my mother sooo often.

Do you play tennis?

I played for about two months. Never went into Melissa’s line for drills because I was too scared. Put a sad face dampener on my racket and that was my way of protesting tennis camp to my mom.

Do you or did you play any other sports?

I played a lot of mind games with my boyfriends. I also played select volleyball team C “the fun team” and soccer for CYC until college. If you did not know parish teams exist in high school they are about as washed up as it gets but I still could brag I played something.

I also play a fun game with my bank account each month and see how many sales it can withstand. Very risky, good for the heart rate.

Are you still in school? What are you studying?

I just graduated!!

I went to Mizzou and survived with only a slightly better bartending knowledge.

I studied Special Education (which I found my passion for at CCRC, working the kids camp I realized your children were all too well behaved I needed a challenge). I will start working in Overland Park KS in August so any tips or school supplies are welcome!! Also, you can have your kids call me Miss Coco because I will probably be much more patient if they do.