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Name: Griffin

AKA: GiGi, Griff

Age: 22

How long have you worked at CCRC? Cumulatively I would say ROUGHLY 5.75 years, on and off between going to school in CoMo. I have done everything from mulching and getting raccoons out of rafters (story to follow) to being such an awesome cook (Mr. Dan would agree too).

Favorite Thing to Eat at CCRC: It has to be the chicken quesadilla! I make it for myself 5/7 days a week.

Best Part of Working at CCRC: I would have to say all the staff and employees. Everyone I work with is so awesome and always knows how to put a smile on my face. We have such an awesome staff this year and they all have a great sense of humor, which is needed.

Worst Part of Working at CCRC: ..... I am going to be completely honest, I hate making grilled cheeses because they are so boring to make and not interesting at all. I feel almost like a lunch lady when I get a grilled cheese ticket... but please continue ordering them.

Do you play tennis? For how long? Did you play at CCRC? I have never played a point of tennis before in my life, even though my family has been members here for roughly 8 years. I do however crush Matt in Wii Tennis. I have played basketball ever since I was little and now I dominate with the sport: Golf.

Are you still in school? What are you studying? There's not a lot to toot my own horn about other than I am saving money to move out from Chevron and mom's house for the second time.

Most amount of racquets you've strung in a day? Mr. Dan would NEVER allow me to touch someone's racket, so 0.

Most covers in a dining room shift? I would say the 4th of July a few years back was roughly 500, or at least it felt like that anyways.

What is it like to work for a family business? You see the results, the integrity, honesty, and appreciation the Apted's give to every member that walks through the door. It is pretty awesome to see Mr. Dan, Deb, and Dani walking around and interacting with all the staff. They really do care about everyone of their staffers and it shows.

Weirdest thing that has ever happened to you working here (or been asked to you on the phone): For the Green and White Swim Meet for 3 summers straight I was nicely told by Mr. Dan and Dani to get my butt in the crocodile suit and walk around and say hi to all the members. (SEE PICS ATTACHED)

Favorite Member to see walk thru the doors: I would have to say hands down Grandpa Bill, aka: Big Willie. If I was not allowed to choose a family member, I would have to choose the moms that complimented my sliders a few weeks ago. I have never gotten a round of applause for food before so that was pretty cool to have.

Tennis Pro or employee you most admire: If I don't say Troy, I know he will definitely kick my behind, but behind Troy, I would have say Matt. Matt is always in a great mood, always cracking a joke, and always down to have a conversation with anyone.

What is something that you want members to know about you that they don't? WELLLL, there's kind of a reason I am the cook.... BUT, I would say that Mikey thinks very highly of me, so that has to mean something. I would also like to say that I AM HERE TO STAY.

Which would you rather win: Stanley Cup, World Series, World Cup, Rider Cup, Superbowl, NBA Championship,PGA Tour event, etc, Wimbledon, US Open, French Open, Australian Open. I would have to say the Masters. To be able to go to the dinners and then when I win, I could play there for the rest of my life would be pretty awesome.

What song would you want played when you walk out onto the court or field? .50 would be fire, or Put On by G Eazy, because he puts points on the scoreboard.

What racquet do you play with? A spatula and a 60 degree wedge.

What is your happiest memory at CCRC?

The best memory is working with Rome one Tuesday morning at 5 am on maintenance and there was a raccoon on court 8 in the rafters at one point and Rome and I were in charge of catching the raccoon. We caught it and ended up having to go release it, which we probably did not release properly.

Another fond memory was when the Kubota got stuck behind the top courts outside and I had to grab my car and pull it out and then my car got stuck and luckily Mr. Dan was there to help get both vehicles out.

** GiGi holds the World Record for Quickest Chicken Quesadilla ever made**

Note from Dani -

This chat is total GiGi. He's funny, confident and makes me smile every time I see him. I'm proud of how hard he works and the man he's becoming.

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