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Name: Trina AKA: Trin, Tri, I even get to be called Queen sometimes   Age: 25

How long have you worked at CCRC? Since 2014! So... 6yrs!   Favorite Thing to Eat at CCRC: Oh man! Honestly, I see food, I jump for joy!! Just feed me and I’m your best friend!   Best Part of Working at CCRC: UNLIMITED COFFEE!  Worst Part of Working at CCRC: Always having to put hockey or baseball on tv when the NBA finals are playing!! Do you play tennis? Oh yes! I played for a solid 3 cardio clients. CK suggested I should start at adult beginners ...  Do you or did you play any other sports? Basketball is my sport! I love the game. I played basketball my freshman year of college at Midcontinental University in Kentucky and then transferred to Missouri Baptist University as a scholarship athlete.  Are you still in school? Not currently, but I did just receive my NASM certification which took a lot of studying! But it’s worth it because I love getting to train people! Most amount of racquets you've strung in a day? Not sure about this one I wanna say after 5 you stop counting and just want it to be over.  Most amount of tickets you've entered after a shift: same answer as above!  What is it like to work for a family business?  On top of the love and support; being able to take shots with the owners is pretty awesome! ** Weirdest thing that has ever happened to you working here: I found my younger twin! Moolsingtong family! There youngest daughter looks exactly like I looked when I was her age. It’s crazy!  Favorite Member to see walk thru the door: Kate Kaiser! Not because she gave me an amazing facial at her work, Synergi Med Spa! Every single time I see her, she makes me die laugh and makes you want to party with her all day! Jack Garland because every single time, no matter who he is with or what he is doing, if he sees me he comes up to me with the best smile and says, "hi Trina!" And sometimes we have matching shirts! I know I have taste if I'm matching Jack! Tennis Pro or employee you most admire: Dan the BOSSman is the most admirable! He’s the guy who is making all this happen without saying a peep! While constantly taking care of business he has time to still care for each of his employees and make them feel part of his family. What is something that you want members to know about you that they don't? Well, I’m from Maui and  I don’t know how to surf. And I am not a good hula dancer.  Which sports championship would you want to win: WNBA Championship is a dreammmm!  What song would you want played when you walk out onto the court? Anything rappin Lil Wayne  What racquet do you play with? The nicest looking one! What is your happiest memory at CCRC? So so many as well! But probably when all our training equipment came in! That was such an exciting day for me! I felt like a kid at Christmas, Dan got us all these new toys! Getting my NASM certification meant  I could start sharing my love of fitness with everyone here! **Note from Dani***  I bet you all think Trina is talking about taking shots with me! But NO! She means taking shots with Dan!! True story!

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