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CCRC Family,

Deb, Dani & I have been at CCRC every day for the last 20 days. We've witnessed the importance of playing the games you love and what tennis and pickleball can do for the body and spirit.

We have done our best to stay open safely, but the time has come that we need to put everyone's health first and close our doors.

This Friday at 6pm will be the first time in 52 years, CCRC will close our doors for two weeks.

We plan to reopen at 6am on April 6th, refreshed and ready for a clean start to 2020. - Two weeks of permanent court time will be added to the Indoor Season. - The membership dues paid during this time will go to support our shop, restaurant & maintenance staff. You will also receive a $25 gift certificate at the beginning of the 2020 Indoor Season as a thank you for your continued support of CCRC. As a family owned business we are fortunate enough to have spent our lives here and have come to know almost 4 generations of CCRC members. We want to keep CCRC safe and open for this next generation. With your membership and support we will be able to open CCRC Strong as soon as we are able and look forward to seeing our CCRC Family again.

Dan Apted

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